August 2018

Cari Fratelli e Sorelle di Cellini,

Wednesday, August 22 to Sunday, August 26 is our FEAST.  Pass this on to your family and friends.  A flyer has been emailed to members and the newsletter has it to give you all the information you need to know.  Please don’t forget that to run this feast there are 2 setup days; 8/20 and 8/21 and a take-down day 8/27.  If the following sounds familiar that’s because it’s the same important message I wrote in last year’s August newsletter: ‘This word (Feast) and the date should be resonating with everyone by this time.  It is our biggest revenue creator and one where much work is needed. Not only during the setup and actual Feast, but starting in January with preparation; letters, contracts, licenses and permits that have to be meticulously prepared.  With that said, I would like to thank our 1st VP Anthony Calabro for being at the head of all this as Feast Chairman.  He and his co-chairs, all the volunteers, the Town of North Hempstead and it’s Parks and Recreation, the police and security, the fire department/EMS, New Hyde Park HS parking lot use, the suppliers and donators etc.  all have to work in concert to make this successful.  And Anthony has to conduct it.  So please give him a hearty thank you when you see him for the preparation.  Also, remember this is a team effort with all tasks being important; please respect one another because as in any undertaking of this size there is stress; your co-worker may be having a hard night the same night you are.  Focus on the success and what it means for Cellini. If you feel something must be discussed, confrontation should be done civilly and away from the Feast customers. Let the Feast Chair (Anthony) resolve major issues and don’t pull him in many directions for minor issues.  Each area (gambling, beer & wine, zeppole etc.) has a chairperson that you can ask important questions (if possible before the gates open).  Know where the first aid is and how to recognize the security team (‘if you see something, say something’). Let’s strive to make this a most successful and enjoyable event.’

The co-chairs: Juliette Milazzo and Mary Modica are the go to people in Anthony’s stead.

The end of June we had: the Cellini picnic – it went well, however this is such a low cost social event that we should be getting many more members to attend – thank you Anthony C., Val Hghes and your team for making it a success.  The Grand Lodge gave us a free concert in Eisenhower Park with Christopher Macchio (singing Italian and American classics) – many Cellini members in attendance, so I hope you all enjoyed.  I presented member Mike McBride with a check from the Cellini Foundation during Katie’s Run, the annual New Hyde Park run/walk in memory and honor of his daughter which helps Ronald McDonald House assist families of victims of childhood leukemia.

A lot happened in July.  We had our Feast kick-off at the July meeting with most of us wearing red (for Garibaldi’s July 4th birthday) or red/white/blue for our nation’s birthday.  We also crowned the King (Alexander Marchiselli) and Queen (Connie Mule) – congratulations to both of you; enjoy the yearlong reign.  Thank you to the outgoing royalty; King, Matthew Duffy (Recording Secretary) and Queen, Giavanna Maniaci – you represented Cellini wonderfully and honorably.  And thank you to Denise Alfarone, Phyliss Capazzo and all involved in K/Q work.  Thanks go to Anthony C. and Sal Squillante for the Fishing Trip – I understand that 33 attendees had a lot of fun.  While some were at sea I attended a Dean Martin (a favorite Italian-American whose real name was Dino Crocetti) style roast of Keith Wilson.  Keith of Columbus Lodge #2143 and an OSIA state official handled it very well.  State President Robert Ferrito was a natural and our own Luigi Squillante had some great lines as did many on the dais; and there were some zany antics.  Keith, as those of us that know him, is very quick-witted and dished it out at the end.  This was all to raise money for District I (Suffolk) and District II (Nassau) for the October 7, Huntington, Long Island Columbus Day parade.  We need as many able walkers to participate this year as saving Columbus Day has become ever more important. Lastly, again listening to Christopher Macchio, but this time with the Queens Symphony Orchestra at St. John’s University (my alma mater).  It was a free concert outside on a beautiful night and put together by our own Joe Sciame, titled: a Midsummer’s Enchanted Evening. Hope you all are enjoying your summer because there is so much to do in NYC and Long Island.

Some Italian culture and heritage:

-In Italy, August is Ferragosto, the summer vacation period coinciding with the August 15 feast of the Assumption during which there are many religious processions.  Since it is a hot time of the year, many restaurants and shops are closed and lots Italian people are at beach or coast vacations.

-Also, I learned through reading a magazine article, a ‘new’ to me, famous Italian that I do not recall …Luigi Galvani.  I won’t tell you about him; it is your homework (from the Professor) to look him up.

-As I write this on 7/23-24 I have been going over newspaper and online articles about Francesco Molinari who on 7/22/18 won the 147th British Open in golf.  What is the significance of this? Molinari is the first Italian-born ever to win one of the 4 major tournaments in the golf circuit; the closest prior was Constantio Rocca in 1995 who lost in a playoff. For golfers he is the 1st person since 1995 not to bogey (a par or lower) the last two days of the 4-day tournament or more precisely his last 37 holes.  The 35-year-old Molinari won by 2 strokes and besides being an Italian winner gets $1.89 million for this feat.

To end and repeat “The Italian Feast is coming!”

Give a shout out and let everyone know.

Quando l’amico chiede, non v’è domani. – When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

God Bless you and your family, God Bless our ancestors and heritage and God Bless America!

All the Best,

Mark A. Ventimiglia

Cellini Lodge #2206 – President 2017-19

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