Annual Festival August 21st – 25th 2019

Our annual festival takes place from August 21st to Aug 25th at Micheal J Tully Park, 1801 Evergreen Ave (off Denton Ave), New Hyde Park, NY 11040.

The hours of the festival are: Wed, Thurs & Fri from 6pm to 11pm, Saturday from 3pm to 11pm and Sunday from 3pm to 10pm.

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About Us

Cellini Lodge #2206 is a social and philanthropic organization. Founded in September 1968, Cellini is part of the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA). We are headquartered in New Hyde Park, New York and have a membership of over 350 men and women.

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President’s Monthly Message

May 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May is on its way. I love the month of May because it’s the month when we celebrate motherhood. This month always allows me to remember how special it was to grow up in a home that promoted our Italian traditions and heritage. My mother was born here in America but was the strongest advocate of Italian Americans that I ever known.

There are a few stories about how the month of May was named. The most popular explanation is that it was named for Maia, the ancient Roman goddess of spring and fertility. In Latin “Maia” is connected to a word that means increase or growth. The Romans celebrated May by marching in flower decked parades to celebrate the Goddess Flora who was responsible for flowers. In the U.K. the children would gather “mayflowers” (hawthorn blossoms) and decorate the maypole. All the girls would be dressed up and if chosen queen she would dance around the Maypole. We can’t forget about Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) when everyone is a Mexican for a day. Did someone say “Margareta”? It celebrates the victory by Mexicans over the French in 1862.

Of course the biggest day of the month of May that we celebrate is Memorial Day. This is the day that all Americans remember all those who died while serving their country. The first celebrated Memorial Day was in Columbus, Georgia in 1866. In 1868 it was recognized as an

American Holiday honoring those who died in the Civil War. After World War 1, the holiday honored all Americans who died fighting in any war. If you pass by a soldier take the time to stop them and thank them for their service. Also remember to thank a veteran that has already served. I want to thank all our members who have served or are still serving in our armed forces.

If you missed our Scholarship dinner dance you missed a great night. This was an incredible night. I believe we had over 250 guests and everyone that attended had a great time. Honoring our Immediate Past President Mark was the highlight of the evening. Mark received many gifts and awards which were well de- served. I’m so glad that we had a terrific turnout to honor Mark.

Our Sands Casino trip was amazing. Unfortunately we had some empty seats on the bus but for those of us that attended we had a great time. There were some winners and some losers. I was one of the winners! It was my lucky day. Thank you Sal Squillante for a great job organizing the trip. I’m ready for October!

On May 2nd Past National, State and Cellini President, Joseph Sciame is being honored by The Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America at their annual awards dinner. Con- gratulations Joe. They are honoring a great Italian American. In May we have a Plenary session on

Saturday the 4th at the Columbus Lodge. This is great way to see how the state conducts business. May 11th is the Walk for a cure Walk –A-Thon at Eisenhower Park. This is a good way to help our Grand Lodge and raise money for a worthy cause. We nominated our own Joan Marchiselli for The Town of North Hempstead Senior Recognition Luncheon on Tuesday May 28th. If you are available to attend this luncheon and support Joan, please let me know by May 6th. The cost for the luncheon is $30.00 per person. Let’s support Joan at this event.

May 30th to June 2nd is our State convention. All our delegates will be heading north to Villa Roma Resort to do the work of the order. We will be celebrating the election of a new President Anthony Naccarato. We are very happy because Anthony is from The Giuseppe Verdi Lodge which is in our district. Our own Luigi Squillante will be running for State Financial Secretary and National Delegate. Also, our State Trustee Gina Ferrara is running for National Delegate. We are so proud of Luigi and Gina and wish them the best of luck.

My quote for this month is “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” – Confuscius

This month in music history: In 1786 Mozart’s Opera “The Marriage of Figaro” debuted in Vienna, in 1967 Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu were married, in 1938 Ella Fitzgerald recorded “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”, in 1950 Stevie Wonder is born and in 1998 Frank Sinatra dies in Los Angeles.

Sempre Avante.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Memorial Day!

May God bless you and your family, Our Lodge and Our Order, and God Bless the United States of America.

Anthony Calabro

Cellini Lodge #2206 – President 2019-20

As I am finishing this month’s message on August 20, I am saddened by the news of the Italian bridge tragedy on Tuesday, August 14. Reading articles and seeing pictures, it is amazing that more didn’t perish when an almost 700-foot section of the bridge fell 150 feet to the area below. That that this bridge was known to be ‘in trouble’ is disconcerting. As of 8/19, at least 43 people have died, many more injured and at least 600 families displaced in the aftermath of the Morandi Bridge collapse in Genoa. Please pray for the families of our friends/family in Italy during this trying time.

On a happier note, September 29 is the actual date of our 50th golden anniversary. Happy Birthday Cellini! I am sure a lot have seen the lodge grow and go through good and tough times, especially brother Joe Sciame who is the only active member from 1968.

As I write, the Feast hasn’t yet taken place, just the start of the setup, but it will be over when you receive this newsletter. I hope with all the hard work it will be called a success – I will report on the Feast at the general meeting and in the October newsletter.

On August 9, I hosted, at Marcus Christ Hall in New Hyde Park, the ceremonial crowning of the new Nassau County (District II of the Grand Lodge of NY) King and Queen: Connie Mulé and Alexander Marchiselli of Cellini Lodge. Cellini members and respective grandmothers, Connie Ciccione and Joan Marchiselli were ecstatic along with their families. We are doubly proud of the King and Queen as they represent both Cellini Lodge and District II.

The autumnal equinox is the astronomical start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. This year it occurs at 9:54 pm on September 22. It will already be September 23 in Italy, a special day this year, as Francesco Forgione (Padre Pio) will be remembered and celebrated. The Capuchin friar died 50 years ago on 9/23 (six days before our Cellini Lodge opened its doors) of a heart attack at age 81 in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. Today he is venerated as a saint of the Catholic church.

Never forget 9-11; 17 years later and I think solemnly about all of us; and friends and relatives hurt, disheartened or gone: the changes hate can bring.

The Feast “thank you” will be on September 21 at Clinton Martin Park and our critique will be at the Jericho Turnpike office on Monday, September 24.

Answer to August newsletter question: Luigi Galvani was an Italian physician, physicist, biologist and philosopher, who discovered animal electricity. He is the pioneer in bioelectromagnetics. His studies were a great influence on author Mary Shelley and perhaps her not completely fictitious Frankenstein. His name lives on in the word galvanize – ‘shock into action’.

Quando l’amico chiede, non v’è domani. – When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

God Bless you and your family, God Bless our ancestors and heritage and God Bless America!

Always Forward,


Mark A. Ventimiglia

Cellini Lodge #2206 – President 2017-19

In Errata

In August message, last name Capazzo should have been Capasso for Phyllis Capasso.

Also in August message, last name Hghes should have been Hughes for Val Hughes.