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Cellini Lodge #2206 is a social and philanthropic organization. Founded in September 1968, Cellini is part of the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA). We are headquartered in New Hyde Park, New York and have a membership of over 350 men and women.

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President’s Monthly Message

March 2018

Cari Fratelli e Sorelle di Cellini,

Thank you, fellow Members, for having me lead Cellini Lodge #2206 for another year – our 50th; it is only with you working in concert that we can effectively get things done.

If you look at my acceptance speech last year (see inside the newsletter ) you will see that I kept my word, with your help, achieving certain goals. We quadrupled the number of young members via recruitment, effective pricing and supplementing scholarship awards. Altogether we brought 45 new members – this you should all be proud about. My vow was to honor older members and long-time members. So, there was commenced, quick beginning of meeting ‘get to know’ speeches for those members initiated over 25 years ago. I wanted to bring our community closer and made a position called Community Charitable; the Make-A-Wish baskets was a result that you saw in the January newsletter. Also, we had the Boy Scouts volunteer at the feast and invited them to the Monument Wreath laying as they helped sprucing up of the area. New ideas were up: let’s keep this momentum. I have been working myself with businesses in the community to get our message out and remind them we are an integral part of our geographic area. I stated in my 1st newsletter (March 2017) that I would bring more technology to our lodge; the large screen is part of that, but in the background are other items such as having all or as much membership information in one database. And the little things such as the ‘dues on time’ lottery (which actually got 53 more people paid then the prior year) and food at the halfway point of the general meetings have all been well received – at first there was chatter because of change, but even if everyone doesn’t agree, we need to listen to the majority in this type of organization – we don’t have the possibility of progress without taking a risk on change. Keeping members, new, recent and longtime has been important to my discussion on retention, hopefully it worked as we will see how many people dropped in 2017 (which we find out at end of 2018). We keep reminding members in arrears on payment and try to persuade unsure ones not to leave the Order. However, it is our job as Members and especially Officers to embrace each other so there will be less uncertainty on continuing membership. One way to do that is to help those that want to get more active by directing them to those who can give the proper advice. We did have a few positions and Chairs over the last term. Everyone’s help is valued; no one is indispensable. The state of Cellini is good.

Thank you to my Officers of 2017, you kept us going strong and to the Officers-elect, kudos for stepping up as there is a lot to do and giving up your time is appreciated.

If you missed Pasta Night (photos in last month’s issue), you missed something magical in a young lady singing Judy Garland songs and giving historical overviews of Garland’s life. Great job Tony Milazzo and team with a great profit earmarked for cancer charities.

Carnevale I understand was not crowded, however everyone enjoyed. Thanks once again Jean.

March 23rd – 50th Anniversary Scholarship Dinner Dance. LAST MEMBER REMINDER – please come join us and/or do a Journal ad. Mailings went out to all and it is also in the newsletter. See you at the event.

We still have about 15 of 35, $100 raffle tickets from the Grand Lodge to sell – see Jim Prinzevalli to purchase whole or partial tickets.

In closing, you may have noticed my messages start with the same salutation, which will continue, however the valediction was in Italian and changed every month in a playful DaVinci-like way. These messages will now end in English for the remainder of my term to show I am a proud Italian-American.

Quando l’amico chiede, non v’è domani. – When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

God Bless you and your family, God Bless our ancestors and heritage and God Bless America!

Thank you very much,

Mark A. Ventimiglia
Cellini Lodge # 2206
Order Sons of Italy in America