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Cellini Lodge #2206 is a social and philanthropic organization. Founded in September 1968, Cellini is part of the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA). We are headquartered in New Hyde Park, New York and have a membership of over 350 men and women.

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President’s Monthly Message

June 2018

Cari Fratelli e Sorelle di Cellini,

June is coming and that means summer, graduations, BBQ’s etc. Outdoor events abound and Cellini and OSIA will have a bunch of events. Summer comes on June 21 at 6:07 am.

June also brings in the NYS Grand Lodge Convention (this year from May 31 – June 3). Based on the size of a lodge is how many delegates a lodge sends. Cellini will be sending 15 delegates to represent you. Here there are meetings galore, ceremonies, awards and a bit of comradery. Sister Gina Ferrara was appointed to a vacant State Trustee spot last July, we hope for her to be elected to this position during the convention. At our June 4 General Meeting I will bring you back a summarized version of what transpired at the convention, including any new protocols, winners of awards, new positions, etc.

A past event: The Walk-a-thon was May 5 at Eisenhower Park and it was a beautiful day. I walked along with a few other members and Cellini was represented; however, we certainly should have many more and I know you would enjoy it. This is a NYS Grand Lodge event and included a free breakfast and BBQ lunch, along with a bocce ball tournament; one of the great givebacks from the state; sponsorship proceeds go to Alzheimer’s, Autism and Cancer Research.

As of this writing (May 16) the New Hyde Park Memorial Day parade has not occurred. I will be walking in it on Saturday, May 26 and I hope I can report at the General Meeting in June that you also marched to support the memory of our veterans.

Father’s Day is June 17 and I would like to wish all the Dads a wonderful day. Father’s Day is not quite as old as the founding of the Sons of Italy in America (June 22, 1905), as one account states it was first celebrated in June of 1910 – but that is pretty close. Thanks have to go to a woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd who was inspired by American Mothers’ Day celebrations from a sermon at church, to have a day to honor fathers in Spokane, Washington. Her father, a Civil War veteran, was widowed and raised all six of his children, by himself. The other account makes it even closer: July 5, 1908 in West Virginia where a woman, Grace Golden Clayton, asked a minister to hold services to honor fathers after 361 men died in a West Virginia mine. Either account and just like ‘figli’ means sons and daughters, now America had both a Mom’s and Dad’s day.

With that little history let’s look at our summer events where dads and moms alike can enjoy. Our annual picnic/BBQ is on June 23 and a special brunch for moms and dads together will be held on June 30. For more information see flyers inside.

Lastly, and importantly, our Scholarship Night will take place on Thursday, June 14. Here you can see where our hard work goes from events like our Dinner Dance and donations to Memorial accounts and investing our money wisely. This is when you actually see the young men and women receiving scholarships. You should certainly show up to this very social and happy event. See inside for more information.

Quando l’amico chiede, non v’è domani. – When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

God Bless you and your family, God Bless our ancestors and heritage and God Bless America!

Thank you very much,

Mark A. Ventimiglia
Cellini Lodge # 2206
Order Sons of Italy in America