Undergraduate Scholarship

Instructions and Application

Instructions for High School Seniors

  1. Applicant must be graduated in the year in which scholarship awards are made. Awards are usually made in June of each year.
  2. After applicants and parent have completed the information requested, submit to school Principal or Guidance Counselor.
  3. A parent must be a member in good standing for two consecutive years prior to the date on which the applicant’s application for such scholarship is dated, but in no event less than two years prior to the scholarship deadline.
  4. In order that the Scholarship applicant might be evaluated properly, the Principal or Guidance Counselor must attach to the application a certified or official high school transcript of the applicant’s high school grades with SAT scores through completion of the seventh semester and forward to:
    Joseph Sciame
    Vice President for Community Relations
    St. John’s University
    8000 Utopia Parkway
    Jamaica, NY 11439
  5. Applications, together with transcript of high school grades through completion of seventh semester and two letters of recommendation must be received by May 10 of the year of graduation for consideration. If high school grade transcript is missing, the scholarship committee has the right to reject the application. The Scholarship committee reserves the right to request the final transcript after June graduation by June 10  of that year.
  6. All SAT score results or other standardized tests for college admission must be included either on the transcript or separately.
  7. In the event the applicant feels that additional data exists which attests to other significant accomplishments, either scholastic or personal community oriented achievements, made during the high school years, the data must be forwarded directly to the above address for the Scholarship Committee Chairman for review of awards for 2013 year graduates.
  8. The consideration of a scholarship application is based upon the applicant complying with instructions. It is incumbent upon the applicant to submit a full and complete application with all attachments and transcripts. The Scholarship Committee will not consider an incomplete application. The Committee will, however, give proper consideration to all applications received.
  9. In addition to the above, the Scholarship Committee will take into consideration the years of parental membership in the Cellini Lodge, as well as their active involvement in various committees of the Cellini Lodge, and the support of ongoing programs of the lodge.

Criteria for Scholarship Awards

To be eligible for an award, a student applying must:

  1. Be a child of a good member in good standing of Cellini Lodge for a period of at least two-years prior to submission of an application for a scholarship.
  2. Be accepted at an accredited school, college or university or vocational school and express commitment to a degree at time of presentation.
  3. Be given consideration classified with four general categories:
    1. Cellini Scholar Award
    2. Cellini Scholarship Award
    3. Cellini Incentive Award
    4. Vocational Award
  4. Make certain all necessary documents, test scores and letters be submitted by the DEADLINE.
  5. Any award is entirely within the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of Cellini Lodge, and may be revoked if:
    1. Any applicant/recipient does not graduate with his/her
      high school class; and,
    2. Is unable to submit verification of college acceptance
      by June 1 of graduation year.
  6. Prior Gold and Silver Awardees – Note
    Recipients must submit verification of college continued enrollment byJune 1 of each year. Failure to comply may result in an award being revoked by the Committee. Any school change must be submitted to Scholarship Committee of Cellini Lodge. Award will be discontinued if parent does not remain in good standing

Undergraduate Application


(Last) (First) (Middle)

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________

(Street) (City) (State) (Zip)


DATE TO BE GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL: __________________________________________________


(Attach additional sheet of paper if necessary)

IF ACCEPTED, COLLEGE/VOCATIONAL SCHOOL WHERE YOU PLAN TO PURSUE A DEGREE: __________________________________________________

MAJOR AREA OF STUDY OR SUBJECT YOU WILL PURSUE, eg.. ACCOUNTING, TEACHING, ETC.: __________________________________________________

I, the student, do hereby authorize the release of school records and consent to the review thereof by the Scholarship Committee of Cellini Lodge. I also agree to a final renew of my transcript after graduation.

DATE_____ APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE_______________________

Information regarding Member of Lodge and Parent of Applicant

NAME: __________________________________________________

(Last) (First) (Middle)

MONTH AND YEAR INITIATED INTO CELLINI LODGE #2206: __________________________________________________

PROGRAMS or COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT BY PARENTS (if applicable): __________________________________________________

IF TRANSFERRED FROM ANOTHER LODGE, MONTH AND DATE INITIATED INTO OSIA: __________________________________________________

My son/daughter acknowledges and understands all of the above.

HOME PHONE #: _____________________________________

SIGNATURE OF PARENT: ________________________________